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pediRES-Q News and Updates: May2022!

Next pediRES-Q Teleconference: Tuesday, May 10th

Teleconferences are held on the second Tuesday of every month:

  • 3 pm Eastern time zone: Americas and Europe

  • 7 pm Eastern time zone: Asia and Australia (falls on Wednesday morning at local sites)

Email Cassie Simpson-Dukes ( if you would like to be added to the participant list.

pediRES-Q Enrollment Overview – March-April 2022

Visit our Enrollment page to get a Quick-look summary of CPR performance and Outcomes across the pediRES-Q Collaborative

Anthropometric Chest Data Update!

Here is a breakdown of the number of Anterior-Posterior (AP) chest measurements we have entered for cardiac arrest events in the pediRES-Q Database.

Access our instructions for obtaining Chest Measurements here!

Downloading Hemodynamic Data!

Please contact your BioMed department and double check which Central Monitoring Station your unit uses. We are in the process of finalizing all SOPs for download of hemodynamic waveforms for various systems! We likely have the SOP to download the data from YOUR system!

pediRES-Q Enrollment and CPR Quality Metrics

The graphics below depict data snapshots for May 2022.


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