Why we're here...Together

            There is a great need to catalyze the development of a

self-sustaining, robust, pediatric collaborative network

where novel, goal-directed interventions can

be implemented and assessed to save

children’s lives in the future. 

          Together, we aim to sustain

discovery, analysis and publication

of medical science leading to evidence-

based CPR guidelines and improved survival for children.  

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 COVID-19 Updates for Resuscitation 

   Visit The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Pediatric Resuscitation website for a collection of COVID-19 Guidance for Resuscitation reference documents from various sources and sites.


This collection is intended to be used as a resource only.

View CHOP COVID-19 Updates for Resuscitation website

Information is current at posting and has version dates noted. 

This site is updated on an ongoing basis as information is made available.