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These publications have been generated through the hard work, partnership and combined effort of the investigators in the pediRES-Q Collaborative.

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

Characterization of

Pediatric In-Hospital Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality Metrics Across an International Resuscitation Collaborative.

Objectives: Pediatric in-hospital cardiac arrest cardiopulmonary

resuscitation quality metrics have been reported in few childrenless than 8 years. Our objective was to characterize chest compression fraction, rate, depth, and compliance with 2015 American Heart Association guidelines across multiple pediatric hospitals.

Description of Hot Debriefings after

In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in an International Pediatric Quality Improvement Collaborative. 

Background: The American Heart Association recommends debriefing after attempted resuscitation from inhospital

cardiac arrest (IHCA) to improve resuscitation quality and outcomes. This is the first published study

detailing the utilization, process and content of hot debriefings after pediatric IHCA.

Code Team Structure

and Training in the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality International Collaborative. 

Objectives: Code team structure and training for pediatric in-hospital cardiac arrest are variable. There are no data on the optimal structure of a resuscitation team. The objective of this study is to characterize the structure and training of pediatric code teams in sites participating in the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Collaborative.

Pediatric In-Hospital

CPR Quality at

Night and on Weekends.

INTRODUCTION: Survival after in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) has been reported to be worse for arrests at night or during weekends. This study aimed to determine whether measured cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) quality metrics might explain this difference in outcomes.

Contextual Factors Affecting Implementation of In-hospital Pediatric CPR Quality Improvement Interventions in a Resuscitation Collaborative.

Introduction: Pediatric quality improvement (QI) collaboratives are multisite clinical networks that support cooperative learning.

Our goal is to identify the contextual facilitators and barriers to implementing QI resuscitation interventions within a multicenter

resuscitation collaborative. 

Cold Debriefings after

In-hospital Cardiac Arrest in an International Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Improvement Collaborative.

Introduction: Clinical event debriefing functions to identify optimal and suboptimal performance to improve future performance. “Cold” debriefing (CD), or debriefing performed > 1 day after an event, was reported to improve patient survival in a single

institution. We sought to describe the frequency and content of CD across multiple pediatric centers.

In-hospital Cardiac Arrest Characteristics, CPR Quality, and Outcomes in Children with COVID-19.

To the Editor, 

Adult patients with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) demonstrated low survival rates. Little is known about COVID-19+ IHCA in children. We present the first report describing a cohort of pediatric patients with acute COVID-19 suffering an IHCA.

Effect of Amplitude Spectral Area on Termination of Fibrillation and Outcomes in Pediatric Cardiac Arrest.

Background: Amplitude spectral area (AMSA) predicts termination of fibrillation (TOF) with return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and survival in adults but has not been studied in pediatric cardiac arrest. We charac-terized AMSA during pediatric cardiac arrest and hypothesized that AMSA would be associated with TOF and ROSC.

Pediatric In-hospital Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality and Outcomes in Children with Congenital Heart Disease During Nights and Weekends.

Background:  Survival after paediatric in-hospital cardiac arrest is worse on nights and weekends without demonstration of disparity in CPR quality. This study aimed to determine whether CPR quality might explain the hypothesised worse outcomes of children with CHD during nights and weekends.

Peri-arrest Bolus Epinephrine Practices amongst Pediatric Resuscitation Experts

Introduction: The clinical practice

of administering low-dose peri-arrest vasopressor boluses has been reported across a variety of hospital settings and geographic regions, but use of peri-arrest pressor boluses in pediatric ICU is rarely reported.  We aimed to describe

the use of peri-arrest bolus epinephrine amongst pediatric resuscitation experts through a multinational survey.

Scientific Conference/Symposium Abstracts

Landscape of In-Hospital CPR Quality Metrics Across an International Pediatric Resuscitation Collaborative. Dana E. Niles, Jordan Duval-Arnould, Sophie Skellett, Lynda Knight, Felice Su, Tia Raymond, Todd Sweberg, Anita I. Sen, Dianne L. Atkins, Stu Friess, Jimena del Castillo, Allan DeCaen, Hiroshi Kurosawa, Annemarie Silver, Robert Sutton, Heather Wolfe, Robert Berg, Vinay Nadkarni (ReSS2017)

Characterization of CPR Performance Metrics Early Versus Late in Pediatric In-hospital Resuscitations.  Elena Insley, Elaine Gilfoyle, Todd Sweberg, Jordan Duval-Arnould, Dana E. Niles, Ivie Esangbedo, Tia Raymond, Ichiro Watanabe, Annemarie Silver, Vinay Nadkarni (ReSS2017)

Characteristics of Chest Compressions Immediately Before and After Interruptions during Pediatric In-hospital CPR.  Jordan Duval-Arnould, Dana E. Niles, Ryan W. Morgan, Tia Raymond, Priscilla Yu, Dianne Atkins, Stu Friess, Elaine Gilfoyle, Denise Welsby, Matthew Braga, Annemarie Silver, Vinay Nadkarni (ReSS2017)

Analysis of the process and content of hot debriefing after pediatric in-hospital cardiac arrest in a multicenter quality collaborative.  Todd Sweberg, Anita I. Sen, Adam Cheng, Lynda Knight, Jimena del Castillo, Takanari Ikeyama, Tia Raymond, Dana Niles, Vinay Nadkarni, Paul Mullan, Heather Wolfe (ReSS2017)

Variability in Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Management Across Sites in a Multicenter Pediatric Resuscitation Collaborative.  Sholeen Nett, Anita I Sen, Dianne Atkins, Adam Cheng, Jordan Duval-Arnould, Ivie Esangbedo, Stuart Friess, Elaine Gilfoyle, Sarah E Haskell, Dori-Ann Martin, Vinay Nadkarni, Dana Niles, Priti Jani, Joan S Roberts, Javier Urbano, Ichiro Watanabe, Heather Wolfe, Priscilla Yu, Elizabeth A Hunt (ReSS2017)

Association of 2015 AHA CPR quality metrics and 24Hour Survival Across 10 Pediatric Critical Care Sites.  Hunt, Raymond, Gulfoyle, Duval-Arnould, Niles, Sweberg, Wolfe, Jani, Martin, Tegtmeyer, Nett, Sen, Roberts, Friess, Su, Haskell, Silver, Nadkarni (SCCM2018)

Characterization of a new CPR Performance Metric in Children: Chest Compression Release Velocity.  Jordan Duval-Arnould, Dana Niles, Elena Insley, Annemarie Silver, Heather Wolfe, Vinay Nadkarni (SCCM2018)

CPR Coach Role Improves Depth, Rate and Return of Spontaneous Circulation.  Pfeiffer, Duval-Arnould, Wenger, Lauridsen, Hunt, Haskell, Atkins, Knight, Cheng, Gilfoyle, Su, Balikai, Skellett, Hayes, Mok, Niles, Nadkarni, Tegtmeyer, Dewan (SCCM2018)

Does CPR quality improvement bundle implementation result in better quality CPR during In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest?  Nett, Sen, Cheng, Duval-Arnould, Esangbedo, Friess, Gilfoyle, Haskell, Martin, Nadkarni, Niles, Jani, Roberts, Urbano, Watanabe, Wolfe, Yu, Hunt (SCCM2018)

Accuracy of Team Perception of Performance With Actual CPR Quality Metrics in Children.  Lynda Knight; Todd Sweberg; Paul Mullan; Anita Sen; Matthew Braga; Priti Jani; Felice Su; Shilpa Balikai; David Kessler; Joan Roberts; Aaron Donoghue; Jesse Wenger; Dana Niles; Vinay Nadkarni; Marc Berg for  the pediRES-Q Investigators (ReSS2018)

Effect of Defibrillation Dose and Waveform Characteristics on Defibrillation Success in Pediatric In-hospital Cardiac Arrest.  Tia Tortoriello Raymond; Jordan Duval-Arnould; Weilun Quan, Sam Chai; Lyndsay Ryerson; Javier Lasa; Peter Meaney, Robert Berg, Vinay Nadkarni, Dana Niles; Annemarie Silver; Allan de Caen; Dianne Atkins for the pediRES-Q Investigators (ReSS2018)

“Cold” Debriefing after Pediatric In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests.  Heather Wolfe, Jesse Wenger, Robert Sutton, Dana Niles, Vinay Nadkarni, Jordan Duval-Arnould, Anita Sen, Adam Cheng, for the pediRES-Q Investigators (ReSS2018)

Characteristics of Chest Compressions in Pediatric Patients with and without Congenital Heart Disease During Pediatric In-hospital CPR Across an International Resuscitation Collaborative.  Tia Raymond, Jesse Wenger, Jordan Duval-Arnould, Annemarie Silver, Betsy Hunt, Dana E. Niles, Vinay Nadkarni (PCICS2018)

Is CPR Quality Worse During Nights and Weekends in the Cardiac ICU?  P. Yu, I. Esangbedo, H. Griffis, R. Hanna, V. Nadkarni, D. Niles, T. Raymond for the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality (pediRES-Q) Investigators (PCICS2018)

Is CPR Quality Worse at Night and on Weekends?  Ivie Esangbedo, Priscilla Yu, Tia Raymond, Dana Niles, Richard Hanna, Xuemei Zhang, Heather Griffis, Vinay Nadkarni; for the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality (pediRES-Q) Collaborative Investigators. (SCCM2019)

Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Guidelines and Survival to Hospital Discharge in a Pediatric Resuscitation Collaborative. Raymond, Buysse, Su, Wenger, Hunt, Duval-Arnould, Sen, Niles, Griffis Nadkarni, Topjian for the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality (pediRES-Q) Collaborative Investigators (SCCM2019)

Outcomes After Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Pediatric In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Do Quantitative CPR Metrics Matter?  Tia Raymond, Priscilla Yu, Ivie Esangbedo, Todd Sweberg, Javier Lasa, Dana Niles, Xuemei Zhang, Heather Griffis, Richard Hanna, Vinay Nadkarni (ReSS2019)

Delivery of CPR in Patients with Single and Biventricular Cardiac Disease.  Todd Sweberg, Tia Raymond, Priscilla Yu, Ivie Esangbedo, Kelly Bora, Dana E. Niles, Heather Griffis, Xuemei Zhang, Richard Hanna, Vinay Nadkarni (ReSS2019)

Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Guidelines and Survival to Discharge in a Pediatric International Resuscitation Collaborative.  Tia Raymond, Janie Garza, Corinne Buysse, Felice Su, Jesse Wenger, Elizabeth Hunt, Jordan Duval-Arnould, Anita Sen, Dana Niles, Heather Griffis, Vinay Nadkarni, Alexis Topjian (Cardiology2019)

Association of Hyperoxia with Survival after Cardiac Arrest in Pediatric Resuscitation Collaborative.  Buysse C, de Jonge R, Scholefield B, Niles D, Nadkarni VM, Topjian AA. (SCCM2020)

Post-cardiac Arrest Care Compliance and Neuro Outcome in a Pediatric Resuscitation Collaborative.  Buysse C, de Jonge R, Hanna R, Raymond T Niles DE, Su F, Friess S, de Caen A, Nadkarni VM, Topjian AA. (SCCM2020)

Contextual Factors Affect Implementation of Pediatric CPR Quality Improvement Interventions.  Dewan M, Parsons A, Tegtmeyer K, Wenger J, Niles DE, Raymond T, Skellett S, Roberts J, Wolfe HA (SCCM2020)

Chest Compression Pauses during Pediatric E-CPR Cannulation.  Lauridsen KG, Lasa JJ, Raymond T, Yu P, Niles DE, Sutton RM, Morgan RW, Berg RA, Griffis H, Hanna R, Zhang X, Nadkarni VM (SCCM2020)

Chest Compression Pause Duration is Associated with Worse Survival Outcomes following Pediatric In-hospital Cardiac Arrest. Lauridsen KG, Morgan RW, Berg RA, Niles DE, Kleinman M, Zhang X, Griffis, Del Castillo J, Skellett S, Lasa JJ, Raymond T, Duval-Arnould J, Sutton RM, Nadkarni VM (ReSS2020)  

Cerebral Oximetry During Pediatric In-hospital Cardiac Arrest. Esangbedo ID, Rajapreyar P, Kirschen M, Hanna R, Niles DE, Zhang X, Griffis HM, Francoeur C, Wakeham MK, Petersen T, Topjian AA, Nadkarni VM, Raymond TT (ReSS2020) 

Association of End Tidal Carbon Dioxide >20 mmhg with Pediatric In-hospital Cardiac Arrest Quality of CPR and Survival. Yu P, Sutton RM, Hanna R, Zhang X, Griffis HM, Niles DE, Berg RA, Christoff A, del Castillo J, Ikeyama T, Gilleland J, Abulebda K, Raymond TT, Nadkarni VM (ReSS2020) 

Effect of Amplitude Spectral Area on Termination of Fibrillation and Outcomes in Pediatric Cardiac Arrest. Raymond TT, Pandit S, Griffis HM, Zhang X, Hanna R, Niles DE, Silver AE, Lasa JJ, Haskell SE, Atkins DL, Nadkarni VM (ReSS2020) 

Prevalence of Inappropriate Defibrillation Attempts During Pediatric In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. Gray J, Raymond T, Atkins D, Tegtmeyer K, Niles D, Nadkarni V, Dewan M, for the pediRES-Q Investigators. (ReSS2021)

Characteristics and Outcomes in COVID-19 Pediatric In-hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients. Lauridsen KG, Sweberg T, Haskell S, Gawronski O, Niles D,Dewan M, Skellett S, Duval-Arnould J, Bottari G, Nadkarni V, Sen AI for the pediRES-Q Investigators (ReSS2021)

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