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Hot Debriefing

Hot debriefings occur either immediately or within a few hours after the resuscitation event to capture key issues.


Ideally led by an experience facilitator (any discipline), it allows team members involved in the actual resuscitation effort to focus on team performance, identify clinical and systemic errors, and facilitate emotional processing (as determined by team and/or institution).

The Hot Debrief is a necessary and integral part of the QI process that gives providers the opportunity for emotional processing and educational discussion in the short period following a CPR event.


Dr. Ken Tegtmeyer explains implementation of this part of the QI Bundle and how to use the concept of the Key Driver Diagram to help your institution successfully facilitate Hot Debriefings. 

Each site is free to create their own customized Hot Debrief form, yet each should contain the following Common Core Elements:

  • Number and role (MD, PA, NP, RN, RT, etc.) of those present at the debrief

  • Time required to complete debrief

  • What went well?

  • What could have been improved in this patient's care?

  • Were delays identified? If so, provide a description of the delay.

  • How could this event have been predicted or prevented?

Need some examples?

A number of sites have volunteered to share their site's Hot Debriefing forms.  Feel free to review, borrow and adapt for your use...or share yours!

DISCLAIMER: Please be respectful of intellectual property; these are the proprietary documents of their respective institutions.

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