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Data Collection

The backbone of the pediRes-Q initiative is the data collected and reported from participating institutions. The manner in which we manage this data has a huge impact on the success of the project. This makes thorough and precise data collection the most crucial step in accurate and comprehensive data management. The team here understands the burden of data collection and strives to make it as easy as possible for you and your team. 

This page details the ways in which pediRES-Q data is collected and stored.

*A CHOP Digital Identity for each unique user is required to access and enter data into the pediRES-Q REDCap database.

Click this icon to be taken to the pediRES-Q RedCap database login screen

Guide to Data Collection Forms and Checklists

For Cardiac Arrest Event:

  1. pediRES-Q Event DCF: Aligns with the Demographic, Cardiac Arrest Event, and Outcomes data fields in REDCap (9 pages).

  2. pediRES-Q PCAC DCF: Aligns with the PCAC/post-arrest data fields in REDCap (2 pages).

  3. pediRES-Q Anthro Measurement Guide: Specifications of chest measurement collection with illustration of anatomic markers (1 page). 

High Risk Identification Checklist:

     HRCklist Multi: High Risk Checklist for use with multiple patients/rooms. This data would be entered into your personalized REDCap database (methods to enter this data is shown below).

Post Arrest PREP Checklist:

     pediRES-Q_PREP_PCAC_Checklist: This is a communication form to be used, reviewed, and updated each shift with bedside providers. The data entered into this form does not get entered into REDCap.

Guide to Data Collection Aids and Manuals

  1. pediRES-Q Data Dictionary: This document will provide definitions, clarification and guidance for patient cardiac arrest event data entry into REDCap. Also has sections for QI bundle participations prior to or after event (23 pages).

  2. pediRES-Q Standard Operating Procedures:  Instructions for operating the ZOLL R-Series defibrillator, how to select the memory erase settings, and how to download data from defibrillator. There are also instructions on how to copy the .FUL file for your site' own records and how to attach the .FUL file to the REDCap event entry.

  3. ZOLL Electrode Descriptions: Photos and text indicating size and functionality differences between dual and single sensor pads, specifications for adult and pediatric, and ordering/item numbers.

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