Teleconferences for all geographic regions are held monthly.

Participation in the pediRES-Q Collaborative requires that at least one person from each site participate in the monthly calls. 

Teleconferences* are scheduled as follows:
North America: Second Tuesday of every month
  -  3:00 pm EST/EDT
Europe: Second Tuesday of every month
  - 11 am:  Philadelphia (UTC-5)
  -  4 pm:  Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)
  -  5 pm:  Central Europe Time (UTC+1)

Asia/Japan: Second Wednesday of every month 

  -  Tues,  3 am: Philadelphia (UTC-5)

  -  2 pm:  Thailand (UTC+7)

  -  3 pm:  Taiwan, Singapore, Chongqing (UTC+8)

  -  4 pm:  Japan, Seoul (UTC+9)

*All teleconferences are enabled with video and desktop sharing.

Supported by an unrestricted
research grant from ZOLL Medical

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