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Database REVISIONS! We hate them as much as you do...

We are in a continual state of quality improvement at pediRES-Q - from data collection and data entry to data analysis and manuscript development - we want to make the experience more efficient (less consumption of your valuable time) and more effective (more bang for the buck). In an effort to improve our data analysis, we have made a couple of revisions to the REDCap database which are now reflected in the Cardiac Arrest Event data collection form, Data Dictionary, and REDCap Codebook. All of these documents can be accessed on this website via the RESOURCES tab -> DOCUMENT tab - > select the document you would like to view or download.

Please make certain that all of your staff have these most recent versions: 10Jan2018. In each, all new changes are in the yellow highlighted text and the version date will be noted in the header or footer.

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