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pediRES-Q News and Updates: March 2022!

Hello from the pediRES-Q Team!

Next pediRES-Q Teleconference: Tuesday, March 9th

Teleconferences are held on the second Tuesday of every month:

  • 3 pm Eastern time zone: Americas and Europe

  • 7 pm Eastern time zone: Asia and Australia (falls on Wednesday morning at local sites)

Email Cassie Simpson-Dukes ( if you would like to be added to the participant list.

Save the Date!

The Beatrice Nicoletti CHOP Resuscitation Science Center and

Pediatric Global Resuscitation Alliance Conference

April 7, 2022: 12 pm-5 pm

April 8, 2022: 8 am-12 pm

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Abramson Pediatric Research Center

Philadelphia, PA

This meeting will be held in-person and will also have video-streaming capabilities.

Official program and registration information will be posted shortly - stay tuned!

pediRES-Q Enrollment Overview

Below is a list summarizing the number of completed entries (Demographic and CPR Event data forms completed) for those sites that entered data in Feb 2022 (01Feb - 28 Feb 2022). Included are total number of entries Year to Date (Feb2021-Feb2022) and Overall (2015 to current).

Entries that are in the process of being QA’d by the DCC are not included in this count.

Not all completed events have CC metric data.

Visit our Enrollment page to get a Quick-look summary of CPR performance and Outcomes across the pediRES-Q Collaborative.

Have you updated your ZOLL R-Series Software yet??

The most current R Series® Software Version is 19.03. To check your current version, turn on your R Series and the version number will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. For more information about upgrading your R Series software, contact

This latest version allows detection and visual feedback on the CPR Dashboard for chest compressions down to 0.4 inches (1.02 cm). Previous versions only displayed compressions down to 0.75 inches (1.9 cm). Version 19.03 allows visual feedback for shallower compressions, as in those delivered to smaller infants, which also improves accuracy of displayed compression rate.


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