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pediRES-Q Update: November 2018

Greetings from the pediRES-Q Team!

News and Updates

  • We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the ReSS conference next week! Please be on the lookout for more details regarding the pediRES-Q investigators meeting.

  • Quarterly reports were recently distributed for Q2 2018. Please contact Rich Hanna with any comments, questions, or feedback!

  • The REDCap report card system is back up and running. Please contact Rich Hanna if you have not received a report card that you have been waiting on.


The graphic below depicts updated data snapshots for the month. Sites have been de-identified for privacy purposes, if you have questions regarding which site is yours please contact Rich Hanna. These displays depict:

  • pediRES-Q Enrollment Tabulation: Tabulated breakdown of enrollment based on age groups and total entries. Additionally gives a depiction of Total CPR Duration per site.

  • Monthly Event Enrollment: Total enrollment, age-based enrollment, and CPR Minutes recorded over time.

  • Cumulative Event Enrollment: Total enrollment, age-based enrollment, and CPR Minutes recorded as a cumulative summation over time.

  • High Risk Checklist Usage: Events in the pediRES-Q database that were pre-identified using the High Risk Checklist compared with overall High Risk Checklist usage by each site.

  • QI Compliance: QI bundle participation (number of entries into REDCap by each site).

  • Outcomes: Number of events with ROSC and Survival-to-Hospital Discharge (SHD) over time.


The graphic below shows CPR metrics over time for CCF, Depth, and Rate among age groups on a quarterly basis from the time point of pediRES-Q's inception to the present day. Please keep in mind that Q4 2018 is still in progress. Feedback on what you would like to see is always welcome, please contact Rich Hanna.

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