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pediRES-Q Update: May 2019

Greetings from the pediRES-Q Team!

News and Updates

  • Congrats to Maya Dewan on her presentation of "Contextual Factors Affect Implementation of Pediatric CPR Quality Improvement Interventions" at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting!

  • All sites should have received their Q1 2019 Quarterly Report. If you have not received this or have any questions about yours please contact Rich Hanna -

  • ​We are always welcome to feedback, criticisms, comments and suggestions!

  • Our amazing investigators and statisticians are busy developing 4 new abstracts for the Resuscitation Science Symposium (ReSS) which will be held right here in Philadelphia in November!

  • CALL for ABSTRACTS just announced for SCCM! Email us and let us know what abstracts you would like us to help to develop and submit.

  • If you do not already, follow us on Twitter at @pediRESQ !


  • GOALS! Once a REDCap entry has been initiated, completion is due by the 15th of the following month (ex- Entry start on Jan. 2nd; completion due Feb 15th). Exceptions: Patient has not yet been discharged (Outcomes form will remain open); Cold Debriefing has not yet been conducted (Cold Debriefing form will remain open).

  • If you require REDCap assistance, log-in support, or any other questions regarding REDCap data management, please contact Jamie Benfield -


The graphics below depict data snapshots for April 2019. Sites have been de-identified for privacy purposes. If you have questions regarding individual site performance please contact Rich Hanna -

  • pediRES-Q Quarterly Enrollment: Per-quarter enrollment, split by age, over time.

  • pediRES-Q Cumulative Enrollment: Per-quarter enrollment, split by age, as a cumulative summation over time.

  • Cumulative Zoll Uploads: Total ZOLL file uploads for quality CPR analysis, as a cumulative summation over time.


Quarterly CPR Metrics: CCF, Depth, and Rate among age groups

(2015 to present [Q2-2019])

Feedback and recommendations for future reports welcome!

Please contact Rich Hanna.-

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