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pediRES-Q Update: July 2020

Greetings from the pediRES-Q Team!

News and Updates

  • pediRES-Q Website Updates:

  • For all data request needs, you can now find the official pediRES-Q Data Request Form (DRF) available on in the website document library.

  • Resources for Resuscitation during COVID-19 have now been published on CHOP’s Center for Pediatric Resuscitation website!

  • Check out the new “Publications” page on the pediRES-Q Website!

  • Submission Deadlines: Please be sure to submit any outstanding abstracts per the due dates below:

  • SCCM (deadline 03 August, 12:00p.m.)

  • PCICS (deadline 15 August, 11:59p.m.)

  • pediRES-Q Dashboard Patch Release Announcement

  • Global Sidebar implemented. Now when selecting filter criteria, the query will propagate through all applicable graphics across tabs.

  • Site-Specific filters and age criteria applied to the Demographics and Patient Characteristics tab.

  • PCAC temperature compliance guidelines have been updated:

  • Old: Compliance set at >32°C

  • New: Compliance set at >32°C - <38°C

  • Access the pediRES-Q Dashboard at:

  • The CPR Report Card Application received a fresh coat of paint! You can access the application and instructions on how to use it at:

  • Follow us on Twitter at @pediRESQ!



  • Thank you to everyone who attended July's pediRES-Q Teleconference and for the team from Seattle Children's Hospital for putting together an excellent presentation on post-arrest care.

  • There will be no teleconference for August. See you in September!


The graphics below depict data snapshots for July 2020. Sites have been de-identified for privacy purposes. If you have questions regarding individual site performance please contact Rich Hanna -

  • Quarterly CPR Metric Data: Metric data for CPR quality including CCF, Depth, and Rate by quarterly averages over time. Contact Rich Hanna for displays with Depth guidelines targets.

  • pediRES-Q Enrollment Totals: Current totals of REDCap activity, quality of CPR analyzable uploads, and contributing centers.

  • PCAC Compliance: Newly added radar charts ("spider grams") depict compliance levels of varying post cardiac arrest care metrics with guideline targets among stratified age categories.

Feedback and recommendations for future reports welcome!

Please contact Rich Hanna.-

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